Tuesday, November 7, 2017


The question I'm most asked about crocheting beaded ropes is, "What if you make a mistake?" It happens! The picture below shows where I've threaded three green beads instead of two:
The only solution is to get the scissors out, cut the thread and remove the extra green bead:
Luckily, it's easy to join in a new thread, so I just rejoin the thread. I pull the new thread through loops to duplicate the last stitch on the rope:
That stitch is worked as one and then crocheting continues as before. At the end, the two ends are threaded into the rope:
Voila, the join doesn't show:
I have tried hiding the extra bead in the middle of the rope, or missing one stitch to compensate for a missing bead, but it just doesn't work, the smooth 'scales' of the rope are disturbed and the correction is glaringly obvious. But cutting and rejoining is not difficult, thankfully.


  1. Excellent! If only it were as simple with tatting ;-P

  2. I read somewhere that if you have an extra bead, or a bead out of place, you can crush it with pliers. Never tried it myself but it sounds feasible.

  3. I like how you have joined your thread after removing one green bead. I have removed glass beads with a pair of smooth pliers that gently break the bead off and do not cut the thread. Viola!