Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rain At Last

This Summer has been very dry and very hot. So this rain storm yesterday afternoon was most welcome. We had 30 mm in this shower and then another 20 mm overnight. In a few weeks time, this view from my front window should show grass beyond the edge of the lawn.


  1. I am sure you enjoy it, Hope you get a little more to keep the grass green and growing for the wild animals, people forget they need food and water to live. Hope the sun comes out to play today

  2. I wonder if you will have any more lost ducklings this year?Our summer has been hot and dry too, but they are getting good rains on the West now, which is very positive.

    1. There's a bit of water in the pan, but perhaps not enough for ducks. I sometimes wonder where the ducks go when all the little pans are dry.

  3. I love rain. I love snow. It seems we've had very little of either one lately, at least I think it's very little. I look forward to seeing pictures of your lush, green yard!

  4. Oh, I hope that makes it much cooler around there for you!! :)

  5. I will send you some of our English rain, we have lots of it! only last week the road was flooded.

  6. Came back for another look... your photo is lovely. Moody.