Monday, November 23, 2015

Tiny Earrings

When Tersia said she wanted tiny earrings, I thought the small earrings I showed here would do the trick. Mmm, no. But Tersia saw a single ring doodle in my earring box and suggested I turn it into earrings. Aha. It works. That's what I like about collaborating with customers - other people come up with ideas I hadn't thought of. Here are a couple more pairs:
I also made three pairs of Dewdrop earrings:
I hope Tersia will like them. 


  1. They are all so cute :-) And quick tats !
    The single ring could even act as stud earring embellishments .

  2. I think she will, love the blue and black!

  3. Love the teeny tiny ones!! :) They would be cute with tiny beads too! :)
    Love the long ones too!!! :)

  4. Yes, simple is sometimes the very best of all.

  5. Lovely tatted earrings. Tatting really adds such a delicate flair.