Saturday, November 21, 2015

Adjusted Cascade

Now to tat the thread I custom dyed yesterday. Mother-of-the-groom gave me small, sparkly beads to use. They're a rather odd shape, like two seed beads fused together. I started off with my usual stitch count, but I didn't like how it looked:
I reduced the size of the rings from 8-8 to 6-6 and did an extra row of rings (well, two extra rows, strictly speaking). I think that works a lot better for the small beads.


  1. Ein schöner Ohrschmuck, ich kann mit gut vorstellen wie sie bei Licht funkeln.
    Lieben Gruß von Cornelia

  2. Those are unusual beads. I sure am glad you were able to incorporate them in to your beautiful earrings!

  3. I get what you are saying and love the dye color. maybe just put the bead on outside of the outer rings only ?

  4. Your entire array of earrings in a previous post look very appealing ! This one has been on my list from Day 1 .
    Love the pastel shade of this hand-dyed thread !