Friday, November 20, 2015

As Close As I'll Get

I made a rather rash promise yesterday. No problem, I said, I'll just dye thread to match your mother-of-the-groom dress. Right. Eight dyelots later I think I have it.
I enjoyed the process and I'm happy to have an array of interesting thread colours added to my stash. It was tricky to get the colour right working with such tiny amounts of thread and dye powders. Two grains too much yellow and you get brown, two grains too much blue and you're into green. I worked out eventually that it was better to dilute the colours separately and then mix them rather than mixing tiny quantities of powder.


  1. Wow they are all beautiful would be a nice variegated color some day, My mom used to also make cakes for people and they wanted certain colors too, and with frosting sometimes the color changes when dry. she was like you "Oh sure I can make that color" :) she liked trials :)

    1. It's just the same with cotton thread - the dry colour is different to the wet, to add to the fun!

  2. Brilliant match and lovely 'other' threads to work with now too.

  3. You have got some lovely pinks, which are my favourite colours. I am glad that you eventually got the right shade!

  4. Lovely colors and you certainly have a lot of patience. Pretty in Pink...

  5. Lovely set of colours, you took my memory back to when I had my florist shop, we had to dye ribbon to match bridal wear for the bouquets, We had some fun not trying to get it matching.
    You made a great match in the end

  6. Oh Jane, so much talent. Great match.

  7. Lovely colours for your tatting!