Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Joining split rings

The intention was to have two rows of split rings joined to each other. In the tatting on the left, I joined the second row to the first just joining to the picots of the first row. As you can see, the row of split rings is badly distorted. I had to start again and join 'properly', using the core thread of the second half of the split ring. Now the two rows of split rings sit properly. I'm sure Jane Eborall explains this better than I do. On her Tips and Techniques page I can see a diagram of how to do the join, but can't find the instructions. I'm sure it's there somewhere.


  1. You talk about lark's head join?
    Beautiful color your thread!
    Kiss from Rome

  2. The Dora Young join?
    I can not insert the link but Jane Eborall show it in is clear pdf
    "SSSR join" or joining split rings

  3. I think it was in a Tat-it-and-see that Jane explained how to join on the second half of a split ring. The rooster's tail?