Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scarf Progress

I've been wanting to try the pattern for a reversible cable scarf for a while. I see I downloaded it without the name of the author, sorry. The original was for a very chunky yarn, only 24 stitches for the scarf, which wouldn't work for my handspun wool. So I knitted a sample to see how the principle worked and then created my own version. It's clever, I think. The cables are in rib and the spaces are in seed stitch. The original had only one cable, but I've done two, one turning left and one right. I like a scarf to have two 'right sides', so it doesn't matter how you wear it or how it twists.


  1. Your yarn in the scarf look fabulous. It has a sort of tweedy feeling.

    1. Thanks, yes, tweedy sounds good.I'm hoping it's masculine enough for the intended recipient.

  2. It is indeed masculine, but the craftmanship is better than "clever." It is fine and very beautiful. Wishing it were mine.