Friday, May 25, 2012

Doodle Dangle

Yesterday I made a pencil case for a little boy I know. It has elephants on the lining, but the outside is a rather boring brown. Perfect opportunity to try using Jane Eborall's doodles as a dangle to brighten things up. This is Giraffe and Tree. I like how it turned out, thanks Jane. One funny thing, I put a variegated giraffe-colour thread on the shuttles, but of course the doodle is so small that the colours didn't have a chance to change! That's the  nature of a doodle, so it's my stupidity.

The pencil case was made using a pattern by Crazy Quilter. Since I downloaded the pattern, the site has become 'by invitation only'. Tracy seems to have changed her e-mail address too, so how one goes about getting an invitation I have no idea. It's a shame because her patterns are very clearly explained and very innovative.

I'm going away for a bit. It'll be a week or so before I blog again. Happy tatting!


  1. This is as cute as the name "doodle dangle" ;-))
    A bead on the thread