Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plan C

Well, my idea to make a 'frame' of bugle beads to thread the ribbon through didn't work either. This is Plan C. I made interlocking split rings and then just sewed that to the ribbon. With a loop at one end and a lobster claw clasp at the other. I think it worked. The thread is Milford Satin 2-ply, which is quite thick. I wanted it to be bold enough to cover the ribbon properly.

I have 5 followers! Wow, I'm amazed, thanks. Thanks very much to Jane Eborall who put a link to my blog on her blog. Otherwise, I don't know how anyone would know I exist.

I did day 3 of the TIAS. I think the 'outside-in' structure is very clever. I'm not much good at guessing what it's going to be though - Jane is bound to have something very tricky up her sleeve!


  1. That's so pretty. I love the colours. Is it going to be a necklace?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks. Yes, it's a necklace. I made it quite short to be a choker. It's quite stiff, so didn't curve around to make a good picture of the whole thing, though I think it's quite wearable.

  3. Welcome to Blog Land and Tat Land! It will be fun to see your projects and to learn how and when you started tatting! Jane's blog is certainly a great place to be 'seen'. She's one of the top tatting experts and designers in the world and she generously shares ALL of her work and expertise. AND has a great sense of humor!! But I'm sure you already knew that!

    You might also like to join the 25-Motif Challenge, which is also a wonderful site for 'challenging' yourself to learn and share new techniqes. It's also on Jane's blog roll.

    This is a unique necklace you've come up with, and I like the photo in your header! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  4. a clever solution. very pretty and very wearable.
    look forward to seeing your designs and finished

  5. Oh, we would find you if you tat! Welcome to Tat-land, Jane! Nice header!
    Fox : )

  6. Hi mum, that looks great! I knew you'd find something clever to do with those beads.

  7. Thanks very much. Kathy, I like the idea of the 25 motifs being a personal challenge. At the moment I've challenged myself to learn embroidery and finish my gran's tablecloth, but when that is done, I'll join you.

  8. Your embroidery looks lovingly, painstakingly, PERFECT-ly stitched. If you are learning, then I am a monkey's aunt, hee hee. Your gran's tablecloth will be a treasure beyond measure. (Can you tell that we (my 5-year-old and I) have been working on rhyming at home?)

    Now I simply MUST make an interlocking split ring edging with dangling bead fringe. Yours is so pretty I can't get it out of my mind.

  9. Thank you very much. I rather think that if I was more confident and experienced, the embroidery wouldn't be quite so painstakingly neat. I'm not sure it's necessary to be that neat! But I've decided that I'll just keep going and hopefully loosen up over time.

    Would love to see someone else use dangly beads!

    I must say also that I really like your doily with joined hearts, so I hope you will give us the pattern one day.