Monday, January 16, 2012

An experiment

My daughter, who lives in Australia, recently sent me a parcel that included these wonderful dangly beads, attached to a ribbon. I thought I could weave the ribbon in and out of  split rings as I tatted, but it doesn't work. It's cumbersome to work with, the beads keep catching and are surprisingly heavy. But worse than that, the finished result is horrible because the ribbon is creased. Another plan required.

I have downloaded Day 3 of Jane's TIAS, just off to try it out. 


  1. I think I'd cut the beads off the ribbon and add them to the tatting. WONDERFUL beads. Worth a try - the idea was great.

  2. Thanks Jane. I have another idea to try, using bugle beads. If that doesn't work, I'll cut the beads off.