Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long and short stitch

A few weeks ago when I was reading blogs, I came across some tips for doing satin stitch. That gave me an idea. I've done cross stitch, but not much embroidery. Perhaps I could learn? I dug out my gran's tablecloth that has been languishing for decades. It's linen, with design 235, Tralee,  stamped in each corner. My gran had made a start, embroidering all the leaves and a few of the flowers. I looked up long and short stitch on the internet and then went for it! My stitches might be a bit small and cramped, given that it is worked with the whole six threads of embroidery cotton, but I shall persist. It would be good if the tablecloth could be completed and used, instead of lying about. I might even tat an edging for it!

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