Friday, November 13, 2015


The leaf braid I showed in the previous post is to be the edging for a food cover. I am making progress on it, in spite of mistakes.  The food cover is to be a wedding present. Really I should've thought the whole thing out before I began, but I didn't. This morning I perused Jane Eborall's pattern pages for inspiration. I must say, I do like the 'new look' index with pictures of each pattern, so that it's not necessary to open each pattern to see the finished product. I decided on Amanda's Sunflower. Now, Amanda's Sunflower has some orange in it. I had no orange thread size 20 on hand. But I do have a lot of neutral colour thread that I bought with the idea of dyeing. So out came the dyepot:
While the thread was drying, I tatted some sunflowers using my own pattern, Sunflower in Maltese Tatting. There's a link on the sidebar. I always have to do a quick revision of Martha Ess's instructions on Maltese tatting before I begin!

Now the thread is dry and I'm almost set for Amanda. I just have to wind the thread onto a core.  (I wonder who Amanda is?)


  1. Love the Maltese sunflowers ! I imagine this cover is going to be very Spring-Summer-y too ! Add a couple of tiny bees/butterflies & you have a prosperous, radiant garden.
    Good symbolism for newly weds :-)

  2. Amanda was the 19 year old daughter of friends. Sadly she died tragically on holiday some years ago. She loved sunflowers so this was designed for her. Her mum wears a brooch I made for her from the pattern.

    1. Thanks Jane for the explanation. And the pattern.

  3. That is going to look amazing!

  4. Looks a lovely shade of orange, Look forward to seeing them when you have made some
    Thanks for sharing your pattern