Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tatting by day, spinning at night

Yesterday I made progress on my edging. Today we went to town.  I did quite a bit of  'handbag tatting' when Jack was in the Farmers' Co-op and various other places. I think 'sanity tatting' might be a better name.

Last evening I started spinning for some socks. I've been reading about 'afterthought heels' and I want to try it out. I can't really see myself replacing the heel on a sock, but I like to try out new techniques. You knit a tube, putting a waste thread at the point where the heel will be, then later pick up the stitched both sides of the waste thread and knit a heel. The idea is that if the heel wears out, you can just remove it and replace it. I have to spin a fair bit more before I get to that stage!

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