Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Magic Loop knitting

I like knitting with double pointed needles. But when I was looking at sock patterns, I kept coming across references to a Magic Loop method, so I thought I'd find out more about it. I googled it, there are plenty of videos and instructions, including this one. The method is clever. It involves sliding half the rounds of stitches at a time back and forth along the circular needle. At the moment I'm still at the stage where I get the yarn twisted round the needle and get in a mess. I know it'll need some practice. At the moment I can't see the advantage over double pointed needles, but that may come!


  1. I love magic loop knitting !!!
    Almost I knitting socks, gloves, other something mini knits, I use this method.
    Very useful and easy to knit :)

  2. Glad to hear from an enthusiast!