Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Past And Future

 We had lovely weather for the market on Saturday and it went well. I sold some puppets, Christmas decorations and key rings, and spent my earnings at the other stalls! Oh yes, I sold a woolen hat too and had a long conversation with the man who bought it. The conversations are half the fun of the market. 

My daughter has been on a shopping spree for me, she brought me all sorts of sewing notions as well as these fabrics. The polka dot material is three metres in length, I'll make a dress with that. The others are two metres long, for skirts. Watch this space, as they say. 


  1. That was the problem when we used to do car boot sales, I spent all the money on other peoples boots. lol
    Nice choice of fabrics, your daughter obviously knows you well. Not sure mine would bring the right choice for me. lol

    1. I knew I could rely on her! I don’t really mind spending the income - trickier is when I spend more than I get!

  2. Such beautiful fabrics and designs 💗 Certainly going to watch this space 😍

  3. So glad your market went well!! :)
    Our craft show did too.
    Great fabrics! :)

  4. Lovely weather is nice! Enjoy the fabric.