Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A Little Cow


My granddaughter Isabel asked if I could make a little amigurumi cow. Sure. There are hundreds of pictures of amigurumi cows on Pinterest, but finding a usable pattern proved more difficult than I expected. I settled on this one.  I printed out the pattern (these patterns are difficult to follow on a screen) and followed it meticulously. And finished up with a head that was bigger than the body!

Mmm, no. I undid a fair bit of the head and then assembled snout, ears etc. I think she's in reasonable proportion now. 


  1. I find this with Pinterest. I often find something I like only to not be able to find the pattern.
    I love this little cow. At first, reading your title I thought you'd had an upset with someone, lol

  2. Ha, ha to Briony!!! I didn’t think that but now you’ve mentioned it - hmmmmm. Looking forward to seeing the assembled cow!!

  3. Nice cow! I am sure it will be loved!! :)