Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Down And Up


I knitted most of this sock on the return journey on the bus. I was so eager to get to the shadow wrap heel that I made the top of the sock much too short. Hmm. At home (not on the bus!) I unraveled the cast on part of the sock and then knitted upwards, like a toe-up sock. I largely avoid toe-up socks because I worry about the cast off. It needs to be loose enough to get the sock on, without being scruffy. I've used a tubular cast off. I need a bit more practice I think, but it'll have to do. Now to make the second sock match without going through the same process. I'm going to research tubular cast on. 


  1. Learning from one's mistakes can add so much to our repertoire! The white speckles look like tiny flakes of snow. 💙💜💙

  2. I like the way the yarn looks knitted into the sock. Repeating what I did, even if it's a "design element" is the hardest thing for me. Probably why I don't improvise well at the keyboard.....

  3. I think you did a great job with the socks,