Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Sewing Order


I have an order for five dresses, uniforms for a domestic worker. Grace gave me a dress which fits the recipient. She said the style didn't need to be exactly the same, but since I couldn't find a better pattern, I took half the dress apart to use as a pattern. I know it's possible to make a pattern without dismembering a garment, but I don't know how to do it. I used my quick-unpick and embroidery scissors very carefully so that I retained the seam allowances. Then I laid the pieces out on my table so I could work out how much fabric to buy. Two metres for each dress. Here's the first one on the fabric. 

Some of the pieces have tucks in them, but I'm ignoring that. I think the original dress is a nurse's uniform, necessarily white, so the tucks are to add a bit of interest. I'm using patterned fabric, so there's no need for tucks. 


  1. You do get some interesting requests, Jane. They keep you on your toes too!!!

  2. It's wonderful that you are able to take on such a task. That's not something I would be comfortable doing. Good luck!

  3. You sew like I sew. But, your machine is doing more work than mine. I do like your method of getting a pattern from a finished garment.

  4. Better safe than sorry! 💜💙💚
    I have made my own cuttings and lay them on fabric like you have, to get the best fit before cutting especially if fabric is limited.