Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Correction And Dress Two


I wasn't paying enough attention. The last few days of the TIAS were supposed to be lock chains, not ordinary chains. I wasn't the only one. Jane's advice was to undo the last long chain of 15 and redo it as a lock chain, leaving the others. That's what I've done. I guess a lock chain around the tail would have made him look more spiky, Sorry about that! 

I finished sewing dress two yesterday. I put contrasting pockets and collar to make it slightly different to dress one. Traditionally, a domestic worker uniform comes with an apron. I wouldn't want to spurn tradition, so here are aprons for dress one and two:


  1. Me, too, missed the 'spike' in tail but still, it is a charming looking dino/dragon as is : )

  2. Nice work on the dress and aprons! The recipient will be pleased 💜💙💚