Monday, December 20, 2021

Sunflowers And Lizards


I finished Kim's gang of puppets and crocheted another round of my blanket. Both are 'more of the same' so I thought I'd show some pictures from our garden instead. The sunflowers are rather festive. 

Our garden seems to have become a haven for all kinds of lizards. Some of that is down to Rag, the border collie, who keeps cats out of the garden and doesn't chase lizards himself. Jack saw a Ground Agama laying  eggs the other day and managed to get a photo without disturbing her:

There are also a lot of Tree Agamas, which we usually call Bloukops or blue heads:

There's a whole lounge of skinks between the front and back gardens. (Yup, I looked up the collective noun of lizards!) Geckos come out on the veranda walls in the evenings. There are not many lizards inside the house itself, which is fine because I'm happy to watch lizards from a distance but am  squeamish about getting close up. 


  1. I haven't seen a lizard over here in uk for years. They used to bask beside the walls when I was a kid, another species that has no habitat left I guess.
    It must be a joy to watch them.
    Enjoy your Christmas.

  2. Lizards from a distance are fine, but up close doesn't work for me! Your sunflowers are beautiful. I don't think we've ever grown them.

  3. Love watching lizards and geckos when I’m in America. Lucky you having them so close at hand.

  4. Ughhh, keep lizards away from me...though chameleons are kinda cute. Wow a blue head!
    Love the sunflowers 🌻💛🌻