Friday, October 8, 2021

The Week

 I'm not sure how the week disappeared so quickly. I have made a bit more progress on the crotcheted blanket. Today I must make strawberry jam and sew at least five masks. Yesterday I cooked four dozen doughnuts. On Wednesday morning we were able to go to the retirement home for the first time in months for a craft group. We didn't do any crafting because after a long lockdown there was some catching up to do. Hopefully we'll soon be back in our regular spot. In the afternoon, my small visitor came and I asked him to model the three towels that I didn't have pictures of:

He received a square or two of Louise cake in return! 

Oh, and I've just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, in which I came across two references to tatting. 


  1. Your little visitor is the perfect model! It's been years since I've read The Help. Some books are worth reading again!

    1. Definitely a book that can be reread. Look out for the tatting references!

  2. Awww, so cute! He's a real sport 💙 Busy is good, right 🥰

  3. The towels are great. You always get so much done.

  4. The towels are so funny, everybody will love them. And also your doughnuts and the jam, yum!