Saturday, June 8, 2019

Don't Tell Anyone....

I didn't find another ball of green size 40 thread in my stash. Plan B required.  I did find a Milford size 20 in pretty much the same shade of green. I thought that if I use size 40 for the rings, I might get away with using size 20 for the chains. I started by using Renulek's stitch count for round 16, but it didn't look right. I started again, reducing the chains from 6-6 to 5-5. I think it'll work. You'd have to be very eagle-eyed to notice. I hope I have enough of the green size 40 left for the outer round. I'm still working on round 16 and I guess I'll have to complete the round before I can see whether it's really going to be okay, but so far, so good.


  1. Now that I've heard it from you officially, can I tell? 😆😄😉😂😄😃

  2. You little cheat!!! I've done tricks like that before too. I'll keep my fingers crossed it'll work for you.

    1. Aha, if you’ve done it too I know I’m in good company!

  3. I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Thread sizes seem to vary with color, so why not try combining sizes? It looks great!

  4. Well from the thousands of miles away it looks great! Just kidding, it really looks good, imperceptible!