Thursday, November 29, 2018

Smaller Version

I thought the children would prefer zippy bags to the more open market bags I have been making. These are smaller than the market bags, with an outside zipped pocket, inside zipped pocket and a zipped opening on top. Each one has a different lining:

I had to juggle a bit to get the lining out. It made me think of my mum, who used to by less fabric than stipulated on the pattern envelope and then spend hours moving pattern pieces around to get the garment out!


  1. Those are great! I love the material with the animals. The children will love them.

  2. Sounds familiar - trying to get more out of less!!! I was a war baby and I think that must’ve rubbed off me from my mum!!!

  3. These are going to zip along !!! Your sewing is so neat!
    Perhaps your Mom loved puzzles - jigsaws & tangrams? :-)))

  4. Wonderful bags, great sewing and fabric!