Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jon's Daisy Star

I was looking through my bookmarked web pages and remembered I meant to try Jon Yusoff's Daisy Picot Star.  It's quite tricky. I started off using two colours, as in Jon's example, but it looked so messy that I decided to start with just one thread. There was another false start because I joined the 'leaf' rings all wrong:
The third attempt is not perfect, but completed!  I don't think I have all the chains facing the correct directions. I might have another go at using two colours, which emphasises the flower look, though I like how the single colour version looks 'spiky'.


  1. Very pretty! I don't think I've tried that pattern.

  2. Ah, yes.... I've tried this several times over the years, but never perfected it.... Very fiddly!

  3. Now you've inspired me to give it a go.
    On my list - it's always good to refresh our technique skills !

  4. Looks perfect to me! Remarkable design by Jon. I'm sure I'd get confused!