Thursday, May 18, 2017

Leaves and Flowers

There's sometimes a long gap between having an idea and actually carrying out. I've been meaning for some time to try combining beaded crochet with Clare Gaylard's glass.  I tried a sample first, just to see if it would work:
It did work, better than I'd hoped. I threaded the glass leaf onto the thread as part of the beading pattern. It hung down on a loop of thread and I could continue with the seed bead pattern.

 I wasn't really happy with the beaded crochet pattern I'd used. The big flower looks good in the flat pattern, but disappears in the round. I also thought the red was a bit overwhelming.  I looked for a pattern with smaller flowers and settled on one by  I think it works better.  Here's a closer view:


  1. Both are gorgeous, and love the leaves hanging down, well done

  2. So beautiful!!!! :)
    I love the flowers in the necklace and the leaves to bring a little extra decoration!! :)

  3. The leaves give an added dimension and look very nice. Happy Bead Crocheting...<3

  4. Excellent tip about patterns in the round !
    I like the spiraling effect of the pink one

  5. Beautiful work!

  6. the red one is my favorite, I so want to try this, it is on my list :)