Saturday, June 25, 2016

Motif 43

I like this better 'in person' than I did in the book, but even so it's not my favourite motif. It's a bit overcomplicated and muddled. The book shows the motif done in two colours, but I thought that would just add to the muddle, so I used one colour. Ecru, size 40, Coats Mercer Crochet. It was a charity shop find. I found a couple of knots when I was winding the shuttles, but for 50 p you can't really complain!


  1. This is one that might need two colours for the design to pop out - I like it, and I think this book is more and more interesting, the further through it you are advancing. I'm enjoying the series of posts about the patterns.

  2. Interesting design. It does look a bit fussy to me, but it might be fun to give it a try. I think I would like it better in two colors.

  3. You tatted it great and I like it!! :)

  4. I agree it's a bit fussy. Just removing the decorative picots from the onion-like rings would make a big difference. I admire your determination to work through all of the patterns in this book, and I'm really enjoying following your progress.

  5. This is possibly my least favorite of all the motifs so far. I just don't like the shape. But I do like the suggestions by other tatters ...
    Maybe if the 5-ring scallop were shifted to the between the 'spokes', it would create a more balanced & less cluttered look?

    1. The design could be worked on but basically there are too many other good patterns to try!

  6. It's interesting how some of the motifs are so lovely and "clean" and yet others can be less so. I really admire your perseverance to work through them all.