Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Beaded Tinies

I took some  time off spinning to tat some more of Frivole's tiny snowflakes, with beads added. I was inspired by her example, but my beads are much more substantial and added in a different way. I've used beads instead of her elongated picot.

One thing I did learn - don't use cream thread for snowflakes, even if you're emptying a spool. It looks as though the snowflakes are dirty!


  1. Good point to make on color and these are cute. I have givin most snowflakes away this season already.

  2. I totally agree about cream snowflakes !
    You are having fun with these tinies :-D

  3. Very pretty, I can understand about cream making then look dirty but I don't think you have that worry, these look gorgeous.