Monday, December 14, 2015

60% Principle

In spite of our very hot weather, I'm spinning wool to make a poncho for Isabel. I'm going to use the same Molly pattern that I've used before.  There's a fair bit of leeway in the sizing of a poncho, but an adult size poncho will be too big for little Isabel  So, I'm working on a 60% principle.
My skeins are normally 50 rounds of the niddy noddy. For this project I'm winding 30 times round. That way, I will need the same number of colours as before, 10, two skeins of each colour, So far I've spun 6 skeins, so I have a way to go before I start dyeing.


  1. I love the tried and true patterns and I can see where it really helps you out knowing how much to make!

  2. Ooh! Another project to follow! I love seeing what you do with wool!

  3. Calculating the right amount of wool looks a bit tricky but it is fascinating to see how it is done!