Monday, December 9, 2019


We got back late Friday evening after a long drive. Since I did no handwork at all on our trip, I was keen to get back into things and spent Saturday sewing. When I looked at my stash of Sweshwe fabric, I thought I had enough for two bags. Hmmm. I need three for gifts. Well, with a lot of wangling, I managed to cut out the pieces for four bags! My mother would be proud of me.

 I've already given away one bag, it used the same fabric as the one above but in reverse order, with the diamonds on the outside and spots on the inside. I have two more cut out and ready to sew:


  1. I bet they are just as good, and who knows about the wangling except you.
    Now there's a funny word, 'wangling', the more you say it the more funny it is, lol

  2. When I finally get my crafts organized, I hope to be able to set aside days of the week for different projects. I love seeing all the crafts you do, and I'm learning new terms... wangling is one I've not heard before, but I understand exactly what you're saying!

  3. I do hope the fabric didn't feel betrayed/cheated ;-P
    Love the term - better than the tamer 'thread chicken'. Great job with the wangled bags.

  4. What a gorgeous vibrant colour!

  5. Fabulous!!! :) That is so great that you got more out of it than you thought!!

  6. I like your word use "wangling" for pushing the limits. I must remember it!