Wednesday, February 21, 2018


We had to go to Kimberley yesterday. It's a much bigger town than our nearest town, there are shops with greater variety and lower prices. Of course I had to visit a couple of them! I wanted beads for a specific project, but it's possible that I got a bit carried away. Such delicious colours. Luckily I didn't get carried away in the yarn shop because it is very tempting. I bought cotton yarn to make myself two tops, knitted or crocheted, I haven't decided yet, and a front door mat. These supplies should keep me busy for a while anyway.


  1. That's looks like a fun day was had and glad you had actual projects in mind, cause otherwise yourcjustca kid in a candy shop😉

  2. Ooh, what fun! I’m reading a book set in Broome, is that near you or on the complete opposite?

    1. Broome Australia? I’m in South Africa. There is a place called Southbroom in South Africa, but that’s a long way from me.

  3. Lots of great colors!!! :)
    I would be tempted by those beads too!!

  4. Shopping is very therapeutic :-D
    It's the "where do I keep all this" that spaces me out ;-P

  5. A girl has to have her priorities and yours look just right. <3

  6. Oh my what nice beads and yarns. I bet we will see some of those beaded ropes you are so good at making.