Tuesday, September 12, 2017

More Spring Flowers

This is muskaan's pattern, using her floating beads technique. You can find links to the pattern on this post. I didn't have teardrop beads, so I used little groups of beads on each outer chain. As muskaan says, there are a lot of possibilities for this pattern. And they're perfect for Spring!


  1. Lovely! I'm looking forward to the weekend and some tatting time so that I can try out the pattern!

  2. Lovely tatted and beaded earrings. They seem to be light weight for earlobes. Tatting Bliss...<3

  3. They Do look like little spring flowers !!! Love the pastels.
    Hey, you didn't use Your solution to the earring hook on a diamond arrangement of beads ?

    1. I just put the hook in the place of the top bead.