Monday, January 27, 2014


 This is the back of my Tunisian crochet. On the first 'fair isle' panel, I carried the blue thread back across the work so that it was in place for the second multicoloured row. But then it occurred to me that it might be quicker, easier and neater to cut the blue thread and join it in again at the beginning of the next multicoloured row:
There are more ends to sew in of course, but I do think it's an improvement. On the central flower it still makes sense to carry the colours back to where they will be needed next:


  1. Yes it does look nearer not to carry the threads across the back all the time. But as you say you do need to carry some threads short spaces to save cutting and sewing in.
    Looking good so far.

  2. It makes for a nice thick fabric doesn't it, its looking good.