Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TIAS is finished!

Thanks very  much to Jane Eborall for organising her Tat-it-and-see, which was great fun. At last we are all sure that we were tatting a pram - short for perambulator, also called baby carriage, baby buggy, stroller......Baby's first means of transport anyway. 

I'm having problems uploading photos. After the umteenth attempt, this is the best of a very bad bunch. It happened a few days ago too. After a few hours, I uploaded the photo no problem. I tried this morning, left it until afternoon, but I'm still having a problem. Any ideas? Help!!!!


  1. ...hmm, difficult to help with photouploading, without knowing the circumstances...sorry... I assume u didn't change anything...but there must be something different to the ways before... u will find it out!!!:))...