Friday, August 7, 2015

Giraffes This Way and That

The little herd of giraffes is ready to go to my neighbour for her granddaughter. By reading Sandra Jager's chart left to right on one sock and right to left on the other, I made the giraffes face different ways on each sock. Both were knitted upside down and inside out. I have a notion that working inside out makes it easier to reverse the chart without boggling my mind, because I'm only working each row in relation to the previous one, rather than to the whole design. Though the real reason I work in purl is so that I don't pull the floats too tight.


  1. Upside down & inside out and Yet your mind doesn't boggle ?!! I'll probably have to stand on my head to get some perspective ;-P just kidding....
    The socks look lovely - superb colours & combo. Knitting and pattern orientation are all perfect .

  2. When I get back into knitting socks, I'll have to keep your ideas in mind. They make so much sense!

    I was helping daughter Carol sort clothes yesterday, and she had a pair of socks with a hole in them. I told her they should be tossed, and she told me that she wanted to keep them because I had made them... silly girl! I promised to make her a new pair, but not until I finish my doily.

    1. Just as long as you didn't offer to darn them!

  3. Do people still darn socks? Boy nothing beats a handmade pair of socks.

  4. Lovely pair of socks, I am sure she will love them

  5. Adorable pair of socks :). Great job on purling them upside down and inside out! I'm not very fast with purling so this would have taken me forever to do unless I flipped the image (on the computer) and knit as normal :).

  6. Jane Mac tats and KNITS up a storm. Beautiful knitting - maybe one day I'll get the hang of knitting little motifs. Enjoy your week-end