Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pearl Tatting

I've done pearl tatting before, but it wasn't until I saw Iris Niebach's recent post that I realised it could be used for more than a narrow braid. Rings can be thrown off the braid in both directions. I've just seen that Gunhild has been inspired by Iris too. Directions for doing pearl tatting can be found on Jane Eborall's technique page here. I made a loop at the beginning of the centre thread on the motif above, so that I could close it like a Self closing mock ring.


  1. Another technique for me to try... I like your use of color. It makes it very easy to see how the tatting comes together.

  2. I like to use different colours, especially when learning something new, it does help to keep track.

  3. Well! How very ambitious!

    I find this to be “tortuous tatting,” by Fox definitions... requires so much attention. You have done very well.
    Fox : )

  4. I just love seeing posts about different techniques - there's so much to try! Nice work :)

    1. Oh good, thank you. Yeah, I may just have to go back to basics one of these days and do something that consists only of rings and chains!