Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Novelty yarn

This rather peculiar, net-like yarn is all the rage here at the moment. I was given a ball, so thought I'd make a scarf for a young friend. The knitting is simple but not easy in the sense of 'relaxed'. You have to widen the 'ribbon' and then use the loops at one selvedge as stitches. Bit fiddly, but a quick knit. I think the effect is more like a boa than a scarf.


  1. Wow looks fiddly, I think they have had similar here in Europe last time, but special taste, I think, intersting in any case!!! Can you make differnt stitches or "pattern", or just one sort of stitch?

  2. I tried working one row knit, one row purl, but it made a very definite strip that didn't look good, so I undid that and knitted all the rows. I don't know much about it, but it seems to me pretty limited. I have a bit of the ball left, am going to try to make one for my granddaughter using fewer stitches.