Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hosier to Milliner

Actually, my dictionary says that a hosier is someone who deals in socks and underwear, not someone who makes them, but anyway, I have gone from making socks to making hats. The other day a neighbour was complaining that he can't buy the sort of hat that he wants. My husband volunteered my services to make him one! On Sunday Les gave me a sample, so yesterday I set off to make his perfect hat. He said that his sample was too small, so I measured it against my usual pattern and found that the pattern was a little bigger. Good. The crown depth was the same. Good. The brim of his hat was narrower than mine, so I trimmed 2cm off the outside of the brim pattern. I also used a less stiff interfacing for the brim than I normally use, and added lines of  top stitching. Les tried the hat on, it fits and he will wear it. Job done.


  1. Great Hat. Home made hats are the best!

    I had one custom made for me once but I apparently gave the wrong head measurement, because when it came it was to small. Then I tired to make one b/c I wanted to attach tatting to it, but failed miserably. You inspire me, maybe I need to try again.

  2. Yes, try again! Inspiring someone else is the best I can hope for, so thanks. This hat pattern is great for showing off tatting.